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The Prohibition Of Marijuana Should Be Banned - 1693 Words

The consumption of alcohol was prohibited in the United States during the years 1920 through 1933. Prohibition was mandated under the 18th amendment of the Constitution, enabling legislation to enforce the ban and state which types of alcoholic beverages were permissible. The amendment was later repealed by the 21st amendment in 1933, which once again legalized the consumption and distribution of alcohol. There were many reasons as to why the prohibition of alcohol failed, ranging from high instances of corruption to increased amount of organized crime. These common instances took away personal liberties of many people which caused major problems in the country and these particular problems can be seen arising again with the topic of the prohibition of Marijuana. Marijuana or Cannabis is a plant that is cultivated in large quantities and is either consumed, smoked, or inhaled to create a certain kind of altered mental and physical effect, which is referred to as a high. Though Mariju ana may be considered a dangerous substance to most, it should be legalized because the economic, social, and political standpoints outweigh the negatives and is not as harmful to the United States as perceived. Throughout history, Marijuana was legal but frowned upon up until the late 1920’s where bills and laws against it were first started getting drafted. Since the establishment of the Jamestown colony in 1607, Marijuana has played a big part in the economy since the enactment of the firstShow MoreRelatedThe Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald818 Words   |  4 PagesThirteen â€Å"Dry† Years: The Amendment that Banned Alcohol for Thirteen Years On January 17, 1920, the 18th Amendment was enforced throughout the United States: Prohibition. The18th Amendment banned the selling, manufacturing, and production of alcohol. Just a short thirteen years later the 21st Amendment was passed, repealing the18th Amendment. Banning alcohol intended to lower crime rates and eliminate other social problems in the early 21st century. However, the banning of alcohol did not end socialRead MoreShould Marijuana Be Legal?1610 Words   |  7 PagesSince the very first day marijuana began dominating our country over 30 years ago, federal control of the drug has been the topic of an continuing arguments. Marijuana is a crushed up blend of dried out herbs, seeds and stems of the plant cannabis. Most people inhale it in the shape of cigarettes for pleasure and relief. Should marijuana be made legal? Advocates of the drug argue that there are multiple medical advantages and that tobacco and alcohol are far more harmful for us than the drug itselfRead MoreShould Marijuana Be Legal? Essay1697 Words   |  7 PagesMedical marijuana has been a touchy subject the last few years. From being legalized in multiple states to being enforced more heavily by the DEA. It has been under scrutiny because of the people that use and sell it. The uses of marijuana not only medically but economically are quite vast and could benefit us greatly. This essay will put forth the reasons why it can stimulate our economy and society while disproving the arguments of why it is bad. 77 years ago, marijuana became prohibited inRead MoreProhibition Of The Use Of Marijuana1626 Words   |  7 Pages Topic: Prohibition of the use of Marijuana General purpose: to argue Specific purpose: to squabble that the use of marijuana is very harmful to the health of the students and young persons and government should prohibit the use of it in USA. Thesis Statement: the use of marijuana should be prohibited as 1) it is disturbing the health of the students. 2) Due to its use, many students are unable to do extremely well in their studies. 3) Their future is being ruined due to its use. Introduction I.Read MoreThe Benefits of the Medicinal Cannabis Plant746 Words   |  3 Pagesthis simple plant could do for us and how it could save our world for the better. Naturally your body already makes a chemical that is like marijuana- it effects pain, inflammation and many other processes. â€Å"The use of medicinal marijuana can help those natural chemicals work better,† says Laura Borgelt Phar.D., of the University of Colorado. Hemp and Marijuana both derive from the same plant-Cannabis. Hemp is able to make thousands of products; the fibers in hemp are the strongest and last the longestRead MoreThe War Over Marijuana1862 Words   |  7 Pagesrogue elephant in the game room everyone running for president pretends not to see. (Steigerwald) The present works aim is to analyze the concerns which revolve around the marijuana state and federal legalization debate, with special emphasis on its positive outcomes. The majority of clinical research studies concerning marijuana use and its effects unravel the uncertainty which surrounds the subject and present the common pattern of insisting that further clinical enquiry is necessary. MeasurableRead MoreThe United State War On Drugs1005 Words   |  5 Pagesdismal failure and should be repealed or at the very least medical marijuana should be made legal. The essay â€Å"Let’s Be Blunt† was written to show the flaws and failure of the war on drugs. I nits intro the essay takes a very pro drug legalization stance Caden states†Ã¢â‚¬ . Early on the author compares the current drug war to prohibition, the banning of alcohol decades ago. Caden compares the current drug related crime to the massive amount of crime that arose during prohibition. He claims that theRead MoreShould Cigarettes Be Banned in the U.S.?1400 Words   |  6 PagesShould Cigarettes Be Banned in the U.S.? Tobacco has been around in the world for over 2.5 million years. It was not until a few hundred years ago when the tobacco industry decided to put these crops into use and conjure up tobacco products for the community. A popular tobacco product in society is cigarettes, as they are cheap and simple to use. As long as one is over eighteen, acquiring cigarettes is a straightforward process for a reasonable price, albeit the sin tax. It was not until recentlyRead MoreMarijuana Should be Legalized Essays1357 Words   |  6 Pagesthe past few years. Marijuana has been illegal since the early 1900’s, but lately scientists have figured out that there are some uses of marijuana that could benefit people in need, people who are sick of deadly diseases such as aids, multiple sclerosis, and cancer. These are all diseases that are hard for anyone to go through, especially without aid that helps the pain and misery from ceasing. Prohibiting marijuana has just made things worse, by increa sing the price of marijuana, the illegal usageRead MoreShould Cigarettes Be Banned in the U.S.?1444 Words   |  6 Pageshealth implications to the user and the people around him or her. Aside from these health implications, cigarettes should not be banned in the U.S. because of the exaggeration of the results of secondhand smoking, the similarity of the Prohibition era, the devastation of the U.S. economy, and the freedom of one’s own actions. The two main reasons why people want cigarettes to be banned is because of the health implications it causes to oneself and others around him or her and the addictive chemicals

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Legalizing the Green Lady - 1767 Words

Marijuana has been around for centuries and has been used for many things, such as the oil in the cannabis plant, which is high in protein and essential fatty acids, or the plant is dried and made into hemp, and hemp into baskets or bracelets. Other than protein and crafts, marijuana has long been used for recreational purposes. With the underground black market controlling the trade of marijuana, it poses more risks than legalizing it. Marijuana is highly illegal in the United States, and the repercussions are very harsh, in some places more than others. Recreational marijuana use should be regulated or decriminalized. Tobacco, alcohol and prescription drugs are legal drugs in the United States under certain conditions, and although†¦show more content†¦Prescription medication, on the other hand, is very dangerous, and they have many side effects. Prescription medication for recreational use is also risky because overdose is not impossible, or rare. Marijuana is very safe a nd supporters of legalization would like to see it regulated like alcohol, or even believe that it is safe enough that regulation would not be necessary. Kayla Morgan states that â€Å"Marijuana is a safe and natural substance† and that people have been â€Å"using it for centuries† (100). Since people have been using it for centuries, no one has overdosed and marijuana is not physically addictive in the way that tobacco and alcohol are. â€Å"Studies show cannabis is not chemically addictive in the way heroin, nicotine, or alcohol is. This means the user’s body will not go into a physical withdrawal if regular cannabis use is stopped.† (Morgan 50). Marijuana is not physically or chemically addictive, which would not have as big of an effect on the user as other drugs. Drugs even prescribed to users for medicinal purposes can become addictive, and put patients through physical withdrawal. The use of marijuana is very widespread which clearly means the United States is losing the â€Å"War on Drugs† and needs to find a different approach to recreational drug use. David Usborne states that he is not surprised that a poll shows strong support Americans, because, as he says, â€Å"Americas are increasingly recognizing that marijuana is less harmfulShow MoreRelatedThe Political Party At The Democratic Party1264 Words   |  6 PagesPolitical Party Research: 1. I am attracted to the Democratic Party. I took the political party quiz and answered the questions as honestly as I could. I found the questions to be very interesting and versatile. After viewing my results I looked into The Green Party some more. I am basically an environmentalist and believe taxes are affecting the lower classes and something needs to be done about it. I agreed with all of these issues. 2. The top 5 issues are jobs, families, health, education and infrastructureRead More100 Essay Topics1545 Words   |  7 Pagesby the date of the AP exam. I have found that the spiral-bound composition books are both inexpensive and practical. Different colored composition books are used in rotation, so that the grading is not overwhelming. For example, I buy red, blue and green composition books, collecting one color each week in a cycle throughout the semester. Students will see the benefits of keeping a dialogue journal as it allows them to get their ideas down on paper more quickly and coherently when writing more formalRead MoreAbortion Pros and Cons7190 Words   |  29 Pagesbabies were worse off with whatever the combination of the causes were for improvements (Adamek, 2006). In Americas culture wars abortion seems to be a continuous central issue. In the twenty-fifth anniversary of the 1973 Supreme Court decision legalizing abortion, the editors of National Review contend that abortion is a form of licensed killing that has damaged the families, the legal system, and the practice of medicine (National Review, 1999). The Supreme Court passed down the laws in theRead MoreHenry Morgentaler s Life And Life Essay2083 Words   |  9 Pageshad to stop offering abortion services when the government restricted his licence to practice because of their Medical Services Payment Act. In 2003, he sued the province of New Brunswick for refusing to fund clinic abortions going up against Brad Green, New Brunswick Justice Minister who defended their decision not to fund clinic abortions. In 2008, the courts granted him permission to challenge the constitutional validity of New Brunswick’s ban on having to pay for abortions done at clinics. InRead MoreThe Relation Between Prostitution and Human Trafficking Essay2236 Words   |  9 Pagesbecause they were assumed to be prostitutes. During the 1800’s Magdalene asylums were also very common. In Dublin specifically there were at least eleven workhouses, similar to the Magdalene asylums, attempting to transform prostitutes into proper ladies (Luddy, 19 97). The Dublin Metropolitan Police (DMP) was not proactive during this time either. The DMP were only involved in prostitution cases if it disrupted the public. The lack of government control over this issue is one of the main influencesRead MoreApush Terms Chapter 1 a People and a Nation Essay examples4705 Words   |  19 PagesChapter 1 Lady of Cofitachequi: Cofitachequi  was a  paramount chiefdom  encountered by the  Hernando de Soto  Expedition in  South Carolina. They encountered the Chiefdom of Cofitachequi in April of 1540, at the Mulberry Site, a large  platform mound  at the junction of Pine Tree Creek and the  Wateree River, near present-day  Camden. Paleo-Indians: First Americans. Nomadic hunters of game and gatherers of wild plants, they spread throughout North and South America, probably moving as bands composed ofRead MoreAmerican Holidays11778 Words   |  48 Pageswear yesterday? †¢ What do you think of body piercing? o Do you have pierced ears? o Do you know anyone with a pierced nose? o Would you ever pierce your tongue? †¢ What do you think of people who dye their hair green? †¢ What do you of women who wear high heel shoes? o Do you think high heel shoes are bad for a person’s health? †¢ What fashions that you see today do you think will be out of fashion with in two years? †¢ What is your shoe size

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Analysis Of Suicide In The Trenches By Siegfried Sassoon

â€Å"Suicide in the Trenches† by Siegfried Sassoon conveys the horrors of war and the terrible hypocrisy of its supporters through a dark, grim tone. Sassoon writes this poem from a place of personal experience. He himself was a soldier in the first world war. He went into the war as a jingoist, much like those depicted in the poem. Soon after joining the war, Sassoon realizes how terrible war is. This fits in perfectly with the progression of the World War I poetry movement. The movement shows a stark change from optimistic, abstract poems showing beauty to dark, bleak poems showing the horrors of reality. Sassoon writes this poem to show how terrible and hypocritical the people who condone the war truly are. The speaker uses an example of†¦show more content†¦The words ‘simple’ and ‘boy’ have a connotation of innocence. This adds to the idea that the boy who the first two stanzas of the poem talk about is innocent before he is corrupted b y war. However, the poet inserts his view of reality into his description of the boy in the second half of the first stanza. He describes the boy by saying he, â€Å"slept soundly through the lonesome dark†(3). The speaker chooses to convey the boy’s innocence by saying that he is unaffected by the ‘lonesome dark’. By using the phrase, ‘The lonesome dark’, the speaker presents the world as a lonely place that only the most innocent and pure people can truly be happy in. This hint of darkness also introduces the grim tone and foreshadows the dark turn that will come in the next stanza of the poem. In the beginning of the second stanza, the poet develops the idea of the loneliness and darkness of war. The poet introduces the setting for the poem by saying, â€Å"In winter trenches, cowed and glum†(5). Through the use of ‘winter’ as the season, the speaker adds to the dark theme. Winter often has the connotation of loneliness and coldness. If they had used summer or spring, it would not have had the same substantial contribution to the theme. Instead, it would have detracted from the gloominess of the rest of the stanza. The use of ‘glum’ also adds to the grim theme. Glum connotes sadness, depression and despair. All of these ideas are fleshed out later on in the stanza. In the second half of theShow MoreRelatedsuicide in the trenches1614 Words   |  7 PagesIntroduction : Siegfried Sassoon’s poem, Suicide in the trenches, successfully demonstrates conflict during a world war through its form, meaning and structure. a STEP-UP analysis clearly reveals the conflict conveyed in this poem. Subject matter: the poem is about the depression of a young soldier. The depression of this young soldier before he commits suicide is clearly displayed in the poem. At the start of the poem, the image of a happy, young, and perhaps rather naà ¯ve boy is placed beforeRead MoreSuicide in the Trenches- Analysis1079 Words   |  5 PagesSuicide In The Trenches In my analysis, I will demonstrate how Siegfred Sassoon has used many different language techniques to show his perspective on the true meaning of war. For example, the poet has used simplistic diction that creates an image of the destruction of a â€Å"simple soldier boy†. At first we see him whistling, this then degrades to depression which lead him to committing suicide. Siegfred Sassoon concludes his poem with anger and a powerful message. â€Å"Sneak home and pray you’llRead MoreSuicide in the Trenches Analysis Essay1105 Words   |  5 PagesSuicide in the Trenches – an analysis What is the meaning of war? What is war like? How do soldiers feel in a war? Glorious? Depressed? This poem accurately shows the harsh but sadly true reality of war - death, suicide and depression. Indeed, as quoted by Sir Williams Henry - â€Å"Nobody in his right mind would enjoy war†. The point of view is third person. This is effective in showing one case of suicide, in third person observation, representing the depression and desire to quickly die in everyoneRead MoreEssay on A Comparison of World War I Poetry2088 Words   |  9 Pageshelp create new fundamental ideas and values towards our society. In this essay, I will discuss the issue of the War Poetry during the Great War along with comparing and contrasting two talented renowned poets; Wilfred Owen (1893-1918) and Siegfried Sassoon (1886-1967). We tend to focus on the definition of War Poetry as poems that concentrated on the subject of war, which are written during a war that seems to have a noticeable influence on the poet . The crucial focus here is one war in

Anxiety Around Strangers Is A Problem For Some Dogs

Anxiety around strangers is a problem for some dogs. While dogs are generally friendly and outgoing, for those who have had bad experiences in the past (or few good ones), anxiety around strangers is a normal response. If your dog is suffering from this, try these steps to help him become more comfortable and confident around new people. Identify the Trouble Look for a pattern. Do certain people worry him? In particular situations? Is it a type (men, strangers, etc.)? If there s a pattern then you ll need to work with that to completely resolve the anxiety issue. Pick Out His Rewards Gather up some great treats - dogs love hot dogs, slices of cheese, and freeze dried liver treats. Enlist Your Friends Request assistance from your friends that are dog people. Tell them that your dog needs to meet people to get past his fear. Pick a Neutral Spot Pick a place to meet your friend. This should be a neutral spot. With a leash on, bring your dog into the same area as your guest. L ocate the Behavioral Threshold The behavioral threshold is the distance at which your dog begins showing signs of anxiety. When you are outside this line he is ok, but when you move too close, he becomes nervous about the other person. Check his behavior. Is he showing signs of aggression or fear? If so, move him farther away from your guest. If not, give him a treat and praise him. Baby Steps If your dog continues to be calm with your friend nearby, have your friend step closer to yourShow MoreRelatedHumans And Animals Relationships Essay792 Words   |  4 Pagesable to work with animals as a type of therapy to improve and maintain their function and to increase their quality of life while in the nursing home. It is a proven fact that animals lower cholesterol, blood pressure, and keep their heart in check. Dogs can detect the sudden drop in the level of blood glucose and alert the owner to eat or take their medication. Pets can not only help handicapped and the elderly, but children as well. Children who grow up with pets have less risk of allergies and asthma;Read MoreFinding Nemo: Psychological Profiles of Its Characters Essay1665 Words   |  7 Pagesdisorder in which people have anxiety when certain things in their daily lives are not done to their mental standards. For example many people have these anxieties if their desks are not organized, if they did not check to see if a door was locked X amount of times before they left the house, or even if they didn’t have a chance to wash their hands X amount of times after they completed any daily activity. These anxieties are caused because this individual believes some irrational thing will happenRead MoreEssay on What Makes The Dog - Human Bond so Powerful?1835 Words   |  8 PagesDogs follow their hearts, noses, and eyes. â€Å"They can be victims of their unrelenting curiosity, boundless love, and that is why we love them, why we identify with them, and why they are us† (Irvine, B ekoff, (2004). Throughout history, humans have formed close attachments to them. The dog is a remarkable animal. Communicating is very important when it comes to the relationship between an animal and its owner. This paper will address three kinds of communication between animals and their owners:Read MoreThe Theory Of Developmental Psychology1336 Words   |  6 Pagesof things. Behaviorism is deemed that our behaviour comes from experiences from our environment, while the cognitive approach is the ideology that focuses completely on thinking, memory, language and problem solving. The Attachment theory is an approach in developmental psychology that revolves around the importance of ‘attachment’ in regards to personal development, specifically related to an infant. (Holmes, 1993) The attachment theory describes different developments up to the age of 1 in an infantRead MoreSenior Presentation1530 Words   |  7 Pageselementary school. During these years of grad es 1-6, I learned to enjoy some aspects of school like lunchtime, and recess. For most of time though, it was a struggle for me to keep up with homework, and even had a couple of scares that I wouldn t pass to the next grade. Despite these problems I was still able to make many friendships. I was a shy kid It, but it didn t stop me from befriending some of the loud impulsive kids, some of whom were bullies to me and my classmates. Being able to see whatRead MoreWho Feels Grief?1779 Words   |  7 PagesLittle by little, hour by hour, day by day, people die. The people that die could be loved ones, strangers, friends, foes, just about anybody! Death is a terrible ordeal that one has to go through. Although people die every day the loss that someone feels changes them; as well as those they love, those they were close too, even those they don’t know. How can something that is so frequent effect people in tremendous days? Shouldn’t death be expected? Though people are always cautioned to expect theRead MoreMcIngvale, E., Bakos-Block, C., Hart, J., Bordnick, P. S. (2012) defines Obsessive Compulsive2000 Words   |  8 Pagesand ideas. They cause marked anxiety and distress. The thoughts are not simply excessive worries about real-life situations, because the people who have them recognize that their obsessions are products of their own minds. Melvin sticks to the same routine every day in order t o not upset himself, if one thing goes wrong in that daily routine, Melvin’s entire day seems to be ruined to the point where he cannot function well. Melvin is afraid of the germs that are all around him. He does not enjoy beingRead MoreThe Mall Of America By David Guterson Essay1680 Words   |  7 Pagesthrough his portrayals of the shopping mall’s: exterior and interior environment, the people he interviews, and the malls many titles. A vivid depiction about the mall’s †¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦. around it gives the audience the impression of already visiting the mall. The press kit contained a array of details concerning the mall: 140,000 hot dogs sold each week, 10,000 permanent jobs, 44 escalators and 17 elevators, 12,750 parking places, 13,300 short tons of steel, $1 million in cash disbursed weekly from 8 automatic-tellerRead MoreAnxiety Disorder And Anxiety Disorders2598 Words   |  11 PagesFor a huge amount of people, anxiety is a normal response to everyday stress. It’s a normal emotion that everyone goes through at a certain points in their lives. Many people feel anxious or nervous when facing problems at work, school, etc. Anxiety disorders however, are super different. They can cause such distress that interferes with a person’s ability to live a normal life. Anxiety disorders are the most common psychological disorders in the United States. About 27.6 million people in the URead MoreThe Theory Of Developmental Psychology1896 Words   |  8 Pageschild developed a fear of the rodent. (Psychology About 2014) Cognitive approach is the ideology that our mind is a processor of thinking , memory, language and problem solving, which is a contrastment to the Behaviourist approach. (Simply Psychology, 2014) The Attachment theory is an approach in developmental psychology that revolves around the importance of ‘attachment’ in regards to personal development. (Holmes, 1993 The attachment theory describes different developments up to the age of 1 in an

Benefits in Youth Football Free Essays

Since the creation of man, sports have had a tremendous role in the way people live their lives. From the time we are born, until our elderly age, most of us are involved in some way with sports. Whether it is a scrimmage game of soccer at recess in elementary school, playing on the varsity athletic team or simply watching the Olympics or sporting events on television, sports have an influential role in our everyday lives. We will write a custom essay sample on Benefits in Youth Football or any similar topic only for you Order Now The outstanding popularity of the sports industry has profoundly affected youth sports organizations that an estimated twenty-six million children ages six through eighteen participate in at least one school or community based athletic program (Smith Smoll, 1997). Well structured sport programs can provide youths with opportunities to participate in activities that have immediate and long term benefits, both psychologically, physically, and socially (Willox, 1994). A large psychological benefit of sport participation is that sports can boost the self esteem of the people participating. The self-esteem of children is boosted when parents, coaches, and other teammates give the child positive feedback and show a sense of pride in what the child has accomplished (Bilich, 2006). Numerous studies have shown that girls who participate in physical activity such as sports are more likely to have more positive feelings of self-worth/self-esteem and a more positive body image than girls who are not very physically active in sports (USA Football, 2006). This feedback is also important because it encourages young competitors to view success as achieving their own realistic goals, rather than depending on winning as the main reason for success. This psychological benefit of self esteem in many cases goes along with academic performance. A study conducted by Hardiness Research of Wyoming found that by a 2:1 ratio for boys and a 3:1 ratio for girls, those who participate in sports perform better in school, do not drop out and have a better chance to get through college (USA Football, 2006). Young athletes can learn to handle misfortune, whether its picking themselves up after losing a big game or not getting as many minutes in as they wanted and can learn to find ways to deal with losing and go on, because there’s another game in a couple days, next week or even next year. These youths can learn to figure out what to do to get what they want for themselves and they learn to realize that if they put in extra time on fitness or work on specific weaknesses in their game they can obtain personal goals. Kids who interpret heir involvement on a task as successful persist and their motivation to be involved remains high (Anshel, 2003). This type of attitude behavior can be used on the field and off the field such as a classroom setting. High quality sports programs in public housing locations can significantly reduce the number of behavioral and emotional disorders in children and teens that live out there in low poverty social class neighborhoods. Participation in spor ts help emotionally disturbed teens become more confident, more expressive, and more independent (Bilich, 2006). If you take into account the inner city kids that don’t have a parent there to make them get up and go to school then sports may be the deciding factor for them. A study done by the Women’s Sports Foundation found that girls who participate in sports are 80 percent less likely to have unwanted pregnancies and 92 percent less likely to get involved with drugs than those who don’t participate in sports (USA Football, 2006). Finally physically disabled youth who have taken part in sports have shown improvements in self esteem, self concept, and self acceptance. This is important because a youth who is physically disabled has every right to play a sport just like a youth who is physically healthy and almost every sport out there can be modified to allow participation by someone with a disability. Also across the country, sports programs such as the Special Olympics that are designed for children and adults who wish to compete against others with mobility and vision impairments are growing in number (Devine, McGovern Hermann, 1998). This is a large boost in the physically disabled youth’s self-esteem because that youth knows that their participation in sport allows them the opportunity to advance in sport just like a healthy youth can. Physical activity is essential for children; therefore sport participation has many physical benefits for youths (Willox, 1994). In the United States there is a very unhealthy trend of physically unfit children going on. According to a recent study by the Harvard School of Public Health seven out of ten kids in our nation are out of shape and the incidence of obesity has increased by more than 50 percent among America’s children and teen since 1976 and continues to grow at a staggering rate (Metzel Shookhoff, 2006). When children participate in sports activities they get some of the exercise they need to improve their quality of life and can help prevent children from becoming obese. Physical activity regulates obesity because it increases energy expenditure, suppresses ppetite, increases metabolic rate, and increases lean body mass (Willox, 1994). Even though regular physical sport activity has been shown to improve physical fitness, it can also help in preventing many different health problems down the line that youths who participate in sports are more likely not to develop than youths who do not participate in sports. Women who participated in organized sport and fitness programs as child ren have significantly higher done densities as adults than women who were not active as children (McCulloch, 1990). Some long term physical activities, particularly gymnastics and swimming, are effective in reducing asthmatic symptoms, frequency of hospitalization, and use of medication for children between 5 and 14 years of age (Willox, 1994). By reducing the symptoms of the diseases the child may have to see a doctor less than if they were not participating in sports. Life is inherently stressful, and youth sports provide ample opportunities for child athletes to cope effectively with sport related stress (Anshel, 2003). Therefore, sports and physical activity also allow youths to clear their minds of academic and social pressures, to literally run off the tension that’s accumulated in their muscles. This may serve as an inoculation to build antibodies in children against the more harmful stress viruses they will encounter later in life (Anshel, 2003). This can prevent children who have participated in sports not to develop negative lifelong attitudes toward physical activity, and continue an active lifestyle compared to children who have not participated in sports may in the future experience an inactive lifestyle. Finally, because sports increase an awareness of one’s body and how it responds to different stimuli and circumstances, sports help prevent drug and alcohol abuse (Willox, 1994). Research has shown that students who participate in interscholastic sports are less likely to be regular and heavy smokers; students who play at least one sport are 40 percent less likely to be regular smokers and 50 percent less lively to be heavy smokers; regular and heavy smoking decreases substantially with an increase in the number of sports played (USA Football, 2006). Since most older and successful athletes value what their bodies can do and want to maintain those abilities, youths find this as the opportunity to also be a good athlete by telling their friend no to drugs, booze and other high risk, unhealthy behaviors. Sports are a social activity. Youth athletes develop relationships with their teammates and coaches that can sometimes last a lifetime. For boy, sports are a primary and unfortunately sometimes the sole, way of socializing with others and in many schools and communities non-athletic males find it difficult to develop a social network at all; for girls on the other hand, girls tend to define themselves through their relationships rather then achievements, sports offers yet another way to make friends and create an alternate peer group (Metzel Shookhoff, 2006). Therefore youths involving themselves in sports can also socially and psychologically give children a meaning of self worth and self concept by having a feeling of belonging. This socializing and sense of belonging can also allow children and youth to develop their communication skills as well as learning to work together and cooperate to produce teamwork. Sports also allow youths to take leadership roles and step out into the forefront (Willox, 1994). Whenever possible give youth athlete players an opportunity to make decisions that affect their play or the game because when a players position, team strategy and other individual decisions can help the team meet their needs and succeed the individual meets their needs for self-determination (Anshel, 2003). Self determination is a key factor in youths to continue wanting to be socially involved in a team for their own benefit. Sport participation in children and youths are excellent places for teaching of cooperative values and skills such as communication, honesty, sportsmanship and teamwork that can promote a sense of strong positive and social values (Willox, 1994). Sports are very beneficial to children and youths that participate in them. Sports teach the participants many lessons that can carry over into the real world and help succeed in the rest of their life. In fact 80 percent of women identifies as key Fortune 500 companies participated in sports during their childhood (USA Football, 2006). Youth sports provide a safe environment where youths and teens can build on their goals and dreams of maybe one day becoming a professional athlete, while also building their psychological, physical and social values for a more successful future. How to cite Benefits in Youth Football, Papers

The Effects of Bad Dieting free essay sample

Bad dieting is very harmful to one’s body which may acquire horrifying side effects. After really dedicating themselves for a while, people seem to be satisfied with their diets and losing weight, that is until they start getting lazy and find it hard to continue their diets, which lead them into falling for junk food or eating out or even worse, bad dieting. Bad dieting is very common since people give up on working hard maintaining their weight loss. According to the average American dieting and weight statistics, the average woman in America is 5’4’’ in height and generally weighs around 140 pounds. On the contrary the average model in America is 5’11’’ in height and weight around 117 pounds. Most fashion models remain thinner than 98% of American women. Four out of five American women say they are dissatisfied with the way they look. On any given day, almost half of the women in the United States are on some type of diet. Children as little as being in third grade say they would like to be thinner. Four out of five ten year olds are afraid of being fat. Almost half of American children between first and third grades say they want to be thinner. On any given day one in four men are on a diet. Half of eight, nine and ten year olds say that being on a diet makes them feel better about themselves. More than one out of three normal dieters progress to compulsive dieting. This typically leads to people who suffer from partial or full syndrome disorders. Americans spend an immense amount of money on dieting every year. This may range from a little over forty billion dollars a year, but can vary depending on the type of person. Between five and ten million women and girls in the US struggle with eating disorders and borderline conditions. One million men and boys struggle with eating disorders and borderline conditions. The number of people with eating disorders is triple the number of people with AIDS (approximately 664,921 people are living with AIDS). Eating disorders affect at least three times as many people as schizophrenia does (2. 2 million people are living with schizophrenia). (http://www. nch-aweigh. com/dietstats. htm). When one is asked why they want to lose weight, the answers we hear must be pretty obvious. Some people on the other hand are still unsure why they want to lose the weight. Most people might come up with answers like â€Å"I don’t really know† or â€Å"I hate the way I look† and â€Å"my clothes don’t fit right†. A main reason is that mo st Americans want to stay healthy to live a long and healthy life. A person might also feel helpless while watching fit people showing off their movie star looks and having weight loss headlines on magazines and on the news. A problem with having a little motivation is that once one meets their weight goal, it is hard to maintain the weight. Once you lose some weight people start to notice and then come the compliments, which are very nice to hear. Everywhere you go, you might run into people you know, or get stared at with looks of jealousy. Your friends will talk about you and make up weird lies that you must have gotten some kind of surgery or depended on purging and saying other mean things out of jealousy. Sooner or later people will stop talking about you and your life will resume to how it was before. This is where people tend to rely on dieting the bad way. They decide that the hard work is getting annoying and tend to find the easy way out to maintain the same results. This is where losing weight the wrong, but easy way comes in. After do ing rough work outs and eating right, there comes that point where you want to cut the effort and receive easier results, so losing weight in a hurry and using quicker methods start sounding like a good idea. If you take a look at celebrities Lindsay Lohan and Nicole Richie you can see that they lost weight dramatically. Towards the end they looked as if they needed to swallow an enormous amount of food. It is important to know how not to lose weight, in order to know how much you can harm your body without recognizing it. Teenagers that skip meals feel decent about themselves and consider that in the long run it will be worth the starvation. They don’t realize that by giving up food and losing a pound or two a week can cause health problems. As most of us already know, our body needs a certain amount of calories a day in order for our bodies to function the right way. The number of calorie intake can vary from male to female. If we skip a meal we might be starving when it comes down to our next meal. By then we might overeat since we cannot stop thinking about all the rumbling noises our stomach is making. It is also then harder to focus on school work and to have sufficient energy while working. By limiting your calories, you will be restricting yourself of certain classes of foods. These techniques might make you shed a little bit of weight, but most of it will be water and muscle mass, not fat. What you need to loose is fat, not water weight. This quick weight loss can cause severe problems such as bad breath, diarrhea, and nausea and hair loss. Another bad addition to bad dieting are dietary supplements and forced vomiting. These pills and powders claim to melt your pounds away, but what they are actually doing is increasing your heart rate. Most of them contain laxatives, which contain some herbs that may speed up the heart rate and the nervous system to dangerous levels. Teens think that forced vomiting will remove the weight for good as long as they keep the vomiting consistent, but what it is really doing is causing dehydration and the swelling in the salivary glands. The stomach acid will also damage your esophagus, which is the tube from the mouth to the stomach. This can also cause tooth decay. The forced vomiting is one of the first few signs that lead to bulimia (http://www. kidzworld. com/article/5399-losing-weight-the-wrong-way). These are all bad ideas and once once informed, it is easier to take positive actions to losing weight. Who wants to hurt their bodies anyway? We have one body and should know how to take caution of it the correct way. Physicians and other doctors can prove that all these negative consequences are accurate. Eating healthier and avoiding activities that will harm our bodies is the best alternative to wanting to shed pounds the fast and incorrect way. Eating smaller portions, while eating regularly will help weight loss. Trying new and fun activities can also maximize the amount of weight being lost. We have one body, one life, and it’s time to make sure that if we want to lose weight, we are going to do it the correct way!

Saturday, April 25, 2020

The First 13 Of The 18 Documents, Collectively Called The Essays

The first 13 of the 18 documents, collectively called The Extermination of the Jews, were not in any way new stories to me. In fact I came into this book with the same attitude that I usually do when faced with Holocaust stories, that of "Yes it was horrible, but I know all about it already. This reading isn't going to do anything to my attitude." I, as I always am in thinking such a thought, was wrong. No matter how much you know, no matter how many Holocaust survivors speak to you, no matter how much you read about it, no matter how much the atrocities are ingrained into you mind, you can never be immune. You are always horrified by this extermination, and every time that you read about any incident you are more disgusted than the last. You are always reminded that these people that were being slaughtered like animals were not much different than yourself or anybody that you know. It does not matter whether you are Jewish, Christian, Muslim, or any other religion, you have to sympathize with these people because they are people. Despite whatever the Nazis tried to make them into, one can easily see that is was not the Jews who were sub-human, but the vicious, blood-thirsty Nazi murderers who were the animals. Many of these readings reminded me of the question "Where were the people? Where were those who said, `NO! This is wrong!'? Why would no one stand up to such an obvious wrong?" The ninth document shows how the Nazis eliminated Jews' rights. It amazes me that there weren't more non-Jews who would speak out against these ridiculous, arbitrary laws. Can fear truly silence a person to the point of just accepting the dehumanization and deaths of millions of people? I still cannot bring myself to believe that this is human nature. No thinking human being could accept this, yet an entire nation bowed to the insane will of a madman. Clearly, somewhere in human nature is an innate passivity possessed by many people. This passivity must be so powerful that it can silence those who wish to be active, who will stand up for what is right. Is it not reasonable then to think that ,despite all of the good intentions and courage that people display, it could happen again. Document five shows how a person can be fooled into believing in the superiority of one group over another. Globocnik must have felt this way or he would never be able to make boasts about burying bronze tablets in order to commemorate his murderous work. What does it take to make a human, the only known sentient creature, pride himself of doing something that is below even the barest of creatures? It was this document that was the most shocking to me. Where the others show the suffering of those the Nazis captured and killed, this one shows in ghastly detail how some delighted in the misery these people. The final five documents attempt to show varying explanations as to how this abomination known as the Holocaust could have occurred. The first, an excerpt form Machiavelli's The Prince shows reasons that Hitler was able to retain such control over the population. He states that fear enables a ruler to retain perfect control over those he rules. Indeed this was one of Hitler's strategies. He scared people into not reacting by using the threats of imprisonment and death. The statements made by Hobbes attempt to prove that man is naturally evil. Although upon first glance at the Holocaust one may think that this is true, it seems that a more accurate representation would be that some people are evil, and that they when in power can influence the primarily neutral population. Locke's view of the rationality in man's nature seems an absurd optimistic opinion after reading all of the offenses against humanity. Although there may well be people governed by rationality they quite obviously cannot make up the bulk of those living or such illogical random acts of cruelty and evil , such as the Holocaust, could not occur. Ardrey makes statements that there is a natural instinct for man to be aggressive. Indeed this may be true, as it explains the behavior of the Nazi executioners. Without some sort of murderous tendency it would not be possible to kill that many defenseless people. Skinner's opinion that the actions of a man are a direct result of his surrounding situations effectively explains the reasons for the Holocaust happening. The surrounding conditions of economic depression and